Tihange Nuclear Power Plant, Belgium

Tihange Nuclear Power Station: Installation & Commissioning of additional EDGs

The Tihange Nuclear Power Station, located on the banks of the Meuse river near the village of Tihange in Liège, Belgium, is one of the country’s two nuclear energy production sites and comprises three nuclear power plants.

It plays a significant role in Belgium’s energy production, accounting for approximately 15% of the country’s total electricity capacity. Nuclear energy is a major contributor to Belgium’s domestically-generated electricity, typically providing half of the country’s total.

We were engaged by a technology and EPC contractor to assist with the recruitment and payroll of Electrical Installation and Commissioning supervisors for the installation of additional Emergency Diesel Generators. The highly regulated and strict environment of the nuclear power industry presented a challenge, particularly in terms of adhering to a tight schedule and avoiding possible additional costs and penalties to our client.

Despite these challenges, our task was completed on time and in full, helping our client to achieve success on the project.

Client: Technology & EPC Contractor
Location: Tihange, Belgium 
Services:                 Recruitment & Payroll