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Tihange NPP

Tihange Nuclear Power Plant, Belgium

We were engaged by a technology and EPC contractor to assist with the recruitment and payroll of Electrical Installation and Commissioning supervisors...
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Swinoujscie LNG

Polskie LNG Expansion Project, Poland

For this complex project, we were tasked to support both, the main EPC contractor, as well as PMC contractor, representing the clients’ side, with specialist search services of various...
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Gold Mine

Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine Expansion Project, Dominican Republic

The Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine - one of 5 largest gold mines in the world is located in the Dominican Republic...
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Autopista al mar 1

Autopista al Mar 1 – Motorway Mega Project, Colombia

For this specific project we were tasked by the JV leader to conduct an executive search campaign, identifying, attracting and placing...
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Dangerous Environmental Impacts of Natural Gas

Cleaner burning than other fossil fuels, the combustion of gas produces negligible amounts of particulates. Burning natural gas does produce nitrogen oxides.
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What Does the Future Hold for Renewable Energy?

Overall, renewable electricity is predicted to grow by 1 200 GW by 2024, the equivalent of the total electricity capacity. Industry experts predict that the US.
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